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 LGBTQ+ Program 

Emma Romey, LCSW, Clinical Director

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Program is to provide a safe space for children, adolescents, and young adults to explore their gender and sexual identities and the unique stressors and mental health challenges that LGBTQ+ youth can face.

Individual Therapy

Growing up is a natural time of exploration and identity formation.  This time is especially challenging, and often painful, for youth who are exploring their gender identity and/or sexual identity. The LGBTQ+ Program offers individual psychotherapy to provide youth with structure and support during this stressful period. Individual therapy may include helping youth with their identity formation, helping youth to build confidence and self-esteem, and helping them to build positive coping skills so that they can better navigate the stressors and stigma they may experience. Individual therapy may also include evidence-based treatments for a wide range of mental health challenges that LGBTQ+ youth may face including depression, anxiety, behavioral or school challenges, social issues, trauma, thoughts about suicide, and more.   Furthermore, some youth may be interested in exploring hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and/or surgical options to help align their bodies with their gender identities. The LGBTQ+ Program is prepared to help youth and their families investigate and prepare for these options (and we will consult with all providers). The LGBTQ+ Program follows best-practice guidelines and customizes the therapy process to each individual client's goals and needs.      

Family Therapy

It is often stressful and confusing for families with a child who is questioning their gender and/or sexuality, who is transitioning, or who identifies as LGBTQ+. The goal of family therapy is to help youth and their families come to a mutual understanding of respect and acceptance for one another's perspectives and experiences.  We strive to reduce stress within the family and help prepare family members to be sources of support and help for one another.  

Support Groups

One of the greatest challenges of identifying as LGBTQ+ is feeling alone.  Youth may seek refuge online where they feel more accepted and face less stigma. The LGBTQ+ Program offers in-person support groups where youth can meet local peers and gain a sense of community and inclusion. We use evidence-based techniques to help foster goal-oriented, productive, and supportive groups.  

Additional Supports

The LGBTQ+ Program and CFI offer a wide range of additional behavioral health services that can be paired with the aforementioned treatments to help youth excel. These may include:

- Cognitive behavioral therapy groups for social anxiety and social skills

- Neuropsychological   assessment and educational advocacy

- Parent training

- Medical/health psychology

- Nutritional counseling

- Speech and occupational therapy  

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